Busan Opera House
Busan, KOREA, 2011

Competition Busan, KOREA
By MEROestudio (Paula Montoya & Iñigo Redondo) with Andrés Perea Ortega & Partners Collaborators: Manuel Álvarez Monteserín

The utter intention of this project is to propose an innovative program, to underline the cosmopolitan conditions of a major coast city like Busan. We want to express our confidence in how this scheme will underline the refined Korean culture together with the ambitious and  exemplifier project of revitalizing the port area of the city.In this fascinating scenario of intense communication, our proposal is to offer a public arena where cultural expressions are no longer hidden. It will be a communication space with a physical representation for it. A place for listening, learning and playing, enclosed in a theatrical “reservoir” in the midst of the city.Following the historical development of the city towards the impressive harbour, the scheme is not only to provide a new Opera House but to generate an urban engine. Given that the city can no longer turn its face to a cosmopolitan development, we will provide the instruments to create a new architectural environment.What we intend with this proposal is to add up choices of spatial use by offering different layers of activity. There is a strong dependency on physical conditions but we propose a versatile and new public space. By stabilising layer after layer of  phenomena we build up a full meaning landscape that becomes the city’s “atractor”.One that in its changing form allows future interventions to take place: We provide an infrastructure for many possible architectures and the image that is to be broadcasted is that of an ever-growing building; the symbol of an emergent Korean culture.