Curitiba BRASIL, 2011

Curitiba BRASIL
By MEROestudio (Paula Montoya & Iñigo Redondo) with MADE IN Architects

Curitiba is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the World. Therefore it seemed an esential opportunity to propose a mixed used tower able to generate most of the energy that it consumes.
The site is in the commercial center of the city, where a 40 storey building will rise.
The tower is both commercial, offices, and residential, and the common area at the base is the  expression of an «extended street» that enters a private premises. A new semi-public space appears as a new urban typological tissue.
The tower generates through solar panels thermal and photovoltaic energy. In order to use the wind tunnel effect we propose a twin element structure. Also, the slender double tower allows the building to diferentiate use, without compromising the sorounding views.